List all the previously created MMS templates (mms-ids) created using the saveMMS API. Note, deleted templates are not included in this listing. All the MMS templates will be listed in the descending order of date (i.e., latest to the oldest). If no “start-date” is specified in the API request then by default all mms templates are listed. The default “page-number” is taken as 1 whereas the default “items-per-page” is 100, if not specified. GMT/UTC timestamps are accepted for “start-date”.

The poster URL of an MMS template represents the content that could be used as the MMS preview poster. It is only returned in the response if the MMS Template contains either a video and/or image in any of its slides. The poster URL is generated based on the first content type (either image or video) to appear in the slides ordered within the MMS Template. Thus it will not be generated if the MMS Template only contains plain text or any other types of objects such as audio, pass, pdf, ical, and vcard.

Request: XML


Request: GET

&api_key=API key
&start_date=start date
&page_number=page number
&items_per_page=items per page

Request Parameters:

Mandatory: action, api_key
Optional: start_date, page_number, items_per_page

Response Parameters:

status, start_date, page_number, items_per_page, total_results, mms_template, mmsid, name, subject, fallback_sms_text, date_created, total_slides, size, poster_url, errorCode, errorInfo

Request Example: XML


Request Example: GET

Response Example: Success


Response Example: Failure

    <ERRORINFO>startdate is invalid.</ERRORINFO>

General Error Codes:

Code Description
E100 Invalid request. Make a valid request via GET/POST/XML with all the required variables.
E104 User Authentication Failed.
E105 This account has no API rights.
E106 You can call API every X seconds.
E107 This account has no rights to use this action.
E108 XML Parse error: $error.
E109 API not activated.
E112 IP was not whitelisted. API call rejected.
E113 Set throughput exceeded for this API action. API call rejected.
E114 Phone number is blacklisted. API call rejected.
E120 Account has reached the API request limit.
E503 Internal error.

Code Description
E212 pagenumber is invalid.
E213 itemsperpage is invalid.
E214 startdate is invalid.

Key Term Definitions:

Term Description
ACTION This is the name of the function you want to execute with the API.
API_KEY Random key that is assigned to an account that can be used for authorization instead of USER/PASS. You can find and regenerate this key on the ‘API Settings’ page.
START_DATE MMS templates created later than this date are listed.
PAGE_NUMBER Page number to list paginated MMS templates.
ITEMS_PER_PAGE Total number of MMS items per page.
MMSID The ID(integer) of a saved MMS.