This postback notification service will send mobile wallet information back to your server whenever card generation is triggered in your account.

Wallet-Specific Postback URL:

You can set your wallet postback URL seperately from other postback notifications. You can log into your account and enter the URL under the setting Wallet Postback URL. Make sure that the setting is ON. Every card generation triggered will start sending messages to your URL in the XML format shown here.

Variable Description
CODE N801.
STATUSCODE The code for success/failure. These codes are explained in Postback Notification Codes.
REFERENCEDBY The reference value type that was used to generate this card i.e., email, phone, etc.
REFERENCEVALUE A reference value that was used to generate the card.
CUSTOMPASSID The custom card id that is passed when generating a card or adding data to the card in order to reference this card in future requests.
PASSDATAID The data id which is generated by our system when we create a new card.
SERIALNUMBER The card serial number. This is unique number generated for each card.
TIMESTAMP The timestamp when this card was generated.