This API request is used to retrieve custom card data for a particular card stored in the database.

Request: JSON

	"action" : "getcarddata",
	"api-key" : "API KEY",
	"card-id" : "CUSTOM CARD ID"			

Request Parameters:

action - The API Action, 
api-key - The API Key assigned to your account. It's case sensitive, 
card-id - The custom card id unique per card data. Case-Sensitive

Optional: NA

Response Parameters:

status, ct-id, card-id, card-data, error-code, error-message

Request Example: JSON

	"action" : "getcarddata",
	"api-key" : "qTFkykO9JTfahCOqJ0V2Wf5Cg1t8iWlZ",
	"card-id" : "EventTicket123"

Response Example: Success

	"status" : "Success",
	"card-id" : "EventTicket123",
	"card-data" : {
		"card-id" : "EventTicket124",	
		"customer-ref" : "9890076137",
		"thumb-url" : "",	
		"barcode-value" : "3434578961A",
		"barcode-text" : "PASS-343-457",
		"header-fields" : [
				"key" : "header-1",
				"label" : "SEAT",
				"value" : "100C"
		"secondary-fields" : [
				"key" : "secondary-1",
				"label" : "Date",
				"value" : "3rd July, 2013"
		"back-fields" : [
				"key" : "back-4",
				"label" : "Important - Change",
				"value" : "New ticket issued. Schedule preponed by one day."
		"relevant-locations" : [
				"key" : "relevant-1",
				"latitude" : "42.347888",
				"longitude" : "-71.087903",
				"relevant-text" : "Event at HYNES CONVENTION CENTRE"

Response Example: Failure

	"status" : "FAILURE",
	"error-code" : "E808",
	"error-message" : "The card-id value is invalid."

General Error Codes:

Code Description
E100 Invalid request. Make a valid request via JSON POST with all the required variables.
E104 Account Authentication Failed.
E105 This account does not have API access.
E107 This account is not allowed to use this action.
E108 Corrupt JSON in the request. $error.
E109 This account does not have API activated.
E112 API call rejected. IP is not white-listed.
E113 API call rejected. Set throughput exceeded for this API action.
E114 API call rejected. Phone number is blacklisted.
E120 This account has reached the API request limit.
E503 Internal error.

Code Description
E808 The card-id value is invalid.
E810 The card-id value is required.

Key Term Definitions:

Term Description
action This is the name of the function you want to execute with the API.
api-key Random key that is assigned to an account that can be used for authorization instead of USER/CARD. You can find and regenerate this key on the ‘API Settings’ page.
card-id The identifier from your system to identify the card or card data uniquely.
barcode-text Added text that will be shown below the barcode image on the card.
barcode-value The barcode value or Id that will be encoded into the barcode image on the card.
card-data All the data that goes on the card(Array).
customer-ref The customer reference from your system to reference a particular customer, such as a phone number, email, or customer ID.
logo-url The Logo Image public URL.
strip-url The Strip Image public URL.
thumb-url The Thumbnail public URL.
header-fields The header text appears in the top right hand corner of the pass, next to the logo image. It consists for a label and corresponding data text.
primary-fields Primary fields appear below the logo and header fields. These contain the most important information and are displayed prominently.
secondary-fields Secondary fields are displayed below the primary fields and displayed less prominently.
auxiliary-fields Auxiliary fields are displayed below the secondary fields and a of even lesser prominence.
back-fields The back fields are displayed on the back side of the card.
relevant-locations Relevant locations/text set the notifications to appear on the user’s phone, when they are close to the location set by lat/long.
ibeacons Similar to the relevance locations, iBeacons also display notifications. But instead of the geographical location, iBeacons do so based on the location of a Beacon.